Mid-sized B2C and B2B2C companies seeking to optimise their international growth strategy face a host of challenges:

  • Anticipating market trends
  • Managing cultural differences
  • Building a competitive offer
  • Selecting the right partners
  • Integrating international business into the overall strategy
  • Etc.

Answering these challenges is the key performance lever to help you develop your brand, increase turnover and ensure long-term growth.

Have you fully mastered the rules of the game?

Klarica Conseil International guides you
through your international business challenges
with passion and determination.



and master intercultural management

Do you possess all necessary information to ensure sustainable international growth?

Do you have constructive and motivational relationships with your international teams and customers?

Most often, market knowledge is acquired from your local partners. However, this information might not be precise enough to offer sufficient insights and anticipate trends. For example, do you know how fast e-commerce is evolving in a specific market? Do you understand the patterns of demographic development? Have you identified the commercial strategies of your competitors and the precise buying criteria of your target customers? Do you know why your social media campaigns are not as successful as in your home market?

Companies can also experience misunderstandings or even conflicts with their partners over issues such as prioritisation, time management and hierarchy. These situations can reduce your agility. Are you familiar with the cultural references of your customers and team members? Their values? Their communication codes?
Without this information, you run the risk of making poor decisions that limit your growth and profitability.

Assemble all the essential market information and make cross-cultural cooperation a key element of your success.



and secure a competitive offer

Does your strategy and offer take into account the constant evolution of international markets?

In the event of an acquisition, are you able to set a new strategic direction?

Digitalisation, changing consumer habits, ecological transition and new competitors: international markets are constantly evolving.

Anticipating trends, as well as reviewing and optimising your international strategy, is essential to ensure the competitiveness, profitability and sustainability of your business. Even more so in times of crisis.

This can involve adjusting your brand positioning, adapting innovations to an international audience, altering your communication strategy or reviewing your market presence.

Following an acquisition, the stakes are even higher. Defining new marketing and sales strategies that incorporate the values and characteristics of both entities is necessary to develop performing brand portfolios and motivate the respective teams.

Adapting your international strategy to market reality is essential, even more so in the case of an acquisition.



to become your international ambassadors

Are your international employees, distributors, master franchisees or agencies fully invested in your expansion project?

If their performance isn’t meeting your expectations, which actions will get them back
on track?

Choosing competent and motivated partners who act as ambassadors for your company is essential for the success of your international development. However, long-term partners do not always share the same strategic vision and priority interest in your brand or possess the sufficient resources to do so.

If their results don’t meet your expectations, it’s essential to take action to rebuild the partnership. For example, together you could heighten your cooperation, identify root causes of disagreements or reset the performance indicators together. If these measures don’t prove successful, you should consider changing partners. Your choice of new partners must obviously be based on objective criteria and be relevant to the specific market. Getting off to a good start with new partners and maintaining long-lasting, satisfactory relationships is crucial for your international success.

Rely on efficient partners to expand your business.



and create an international corporate culture

Does the strategic management of your company integrate your international business?

Does your international organisation and corporate culture promote synergies and new business dynamics?

Are your international sales growing but still much lower than those in your home market? Your resources might be insufficient to achieve results that match your international ambitions. Whether out of habit or fear of taking risks, you might be favouring your home country and thus missing out on potential growth opportunities in international markets.

However, by venturing into a foreign market, you can benefit from innovation, talents, methods and technologies that will inspire your entire company.

If international employees and partners are not properly valued, informed and integrated into the company, you risk loss of motivation. This may even lead to actions counterproductive to your goals. In the event of an acquisition, friction can increase even more. Promoting a multicultural mindset based on respect and collaboration is the best way to achieve results.

Create a truly international culture for your company, considering international markets as a source of growth and inspiration.