Klarica Conseil International has applied its expertise to numerous transnational projects.

Our dual experience — working internally as a business manager with large corporate groups and externally as a strategic consultant — enables us to guide our clients through challenging and transitional periods.

We deliver:

  •   a new strategic perspective
  •   expert knowledge
  •   creative solutions

Our extensive experience in multiple sectors on both global and European scale gives us a broad understanding of the B2C and B2B2C spectrum. Based on this transversal vision, we focus on essential matters: deciphering market complexities to identify opportunities and areas of development for our clients


French specialist network for comprehensive, multi-brand car diagnostics and maintenance (Bridgestone group)
Market: Europe

Challenge: Following its success in France, Speedy wanted to expand internationally to ensure incremental growth and profitability.

Our actions

  • Diagnosed the company, following in-depth exchange with members of the executive committee
  • Defined the international strategy, selected business models and priority markets
  • Managed European expansion project (notably in Italy), created business plans


  • European expansion strategy approved by parent company Bridgestone
  • In-depth evaluation of priority markets
  • Creation of new car care & mobility concepts

Growing French network of Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) studios
Market: France

Challenge: In an increasingly competitive market, My Big Bang needed to redefine the company’s strategy and brand positioning to win new customers and avoid a price war.

Our actions

  • Analysed competition and market trends, including interviews with customers and employees
  • Redefined the strategic key elements, in collaboration with the CEO
  • Prepared the brief for website redesign


  • Brand repositioning
  • Supporting the CEO in his strategic vision and network development
  • Clarification and optimisation of the company’s communication

French manufacturer, a leading European brand of fresh ready-to-eat salads and vegetables 
Market: Germany

Challenge: In a traditional market where consumers are particularly price-conscious, Florette wished to innovate and expand its range.

Our actions

  • Studied emerging food trends
  • Analysed the competition
  • Realized in-depth discussions with the German sales, marketing and category management teams
  • Proposed a new innovative product range


  • Detailed market insights and presentation of growth prospects
  • Innovative offer enabling the company to enter an additional market segment


American consumer goods company
Home fragrance division: Yankee Candle, Millefiori, WoodWick
Market: EMEA (15 key countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa)

Challenge: Following the acquisition of the WoodWick brand, Newell Brands needed to redefine their brand portfolio, integrate the new team and create synergies in their distributors’ network to increase sales and reach additional consumer groups.

Our actions

  • Developped a multi-brand commercial strategy
  • Reorganised the export team
  • Integrated European WoodWick personnel
  • Managed intercultural sales and marketing teams during this transitional period
  • Rationalised the distributors’ network
  • Raised awareness of the home fragrance senior management team regarding differences and challenges in European markets


  • Establishment of all fundamentals to accelerate WoodWick’s business development in the EMEA market

Prestigious fine writing instruments
Part of the American group Newell Brands
Market: global (primarily Europe, Russia and Asia)

Challenge: In a globally declining market, the iconic pen brand Parker needed to reinvent itself to attract a younger customer base and secure its future. The brand’s flagship models had to reflect this rejuvenation.

Our actions

  • Contributed to brand repositioning
  • Defined strategy and marketing mix for one of the core ranges
  • Created, launched and communicated on new collections globally
  • Managed transversal projects and multicultural teams


  • Rejuvenation of brand image through innovation and valorisation of iconic lines
  • Rationalisation of collections
  • Justification of price increases
  • Team motivation in face of major challenges
  • Increased turnover and profitability

Italian-Dutch manufacturer of confectionery and chewing gum
(Mentos, Chupa Chups, Frisk, Alpenliebe and regional brands)
Market: West/North/South Europe

Challenge: The group wanted to strategically reorganise and develop European sales activities for its local brands.

Our actions

  • Created a central export structure for the group’s European factories
  • Evaluated key confectionery markets (Germany, Scandinavia, France, UK, Spain)
  • Optimised subsidiaries’ marketing and sales activities, renewed distributors’ network
  • Developed and launched innovative products, manufactured in Italy, Turkey and Germany
  • Managed European distributors and internal teams


  • Deep understanding of European confectionery markets
  • Establishment of long-term distribution partnerships
  • Motivation of multicultural teams
  • Increased turnover

French start-up of creative lighting solutions
Market: Germany

Challenge: The German market offered high potential for Hoopzi. However, support and in-depth knowledge of the country was essential to enter this market.

Our actions

  • Studied German lighting, furniture and home decor sectors
  • Optimised the German website and communication tools
  • Prospected key customers (online / offline)


  • Comprehensive understanding of the German lighting market
  • Major account listings (leading DIY chain and merchant platforms)
  • Creation of an efficient B2C website
  • Support with the recruitment of a German Country manager
  • Stefan Schaaps

    President of My Big Bang
    French network of studios for Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and wellbeing

    "As a consultant, Kerstin carried out a strategic repositioning project for MY BIG BANG in 2020,  which helped us redefine our vision, mission, USP and differentiators. 

    Closely cooperating with myself, she took on the entire process, starting with market and competitive research, creating realistic growth scenarios, up to defining our differentiation strategy, and even briefing our web agency for the relaunch. 

    Kerstin is a highly skilled and experienced professional when it comes to strategic development and client orientation. I particularly recommend her capacity to look at all details without ever losing the “big picture” of the business and the “view from outside”, that’s a great quality.

    Finally, Kerstin has excellent communication skills, not to mention the fact she speaks four languages: a perfect combination of talents for international assignments."

  • Jean-Pierre Barnier

    Director International affairs & Business Development
    Speedy France – French leading network for multi-brand car diagnostics and maintenance
    (Bridgestone group)

    "We worked with Kerstin on a first project, which was to define the internationalization strategy of the Speedy brand. Define a new systemic approach, structured, solid according to the zones, the market opportunities, integrate the DNA of Speedy, stay on the values of the company while building a strong expansion ambition. A complex and high level project with the board of Speedy/Bridgestone which required a great expertise of analysis and strategic vision.

    Following this first successful experience, it was natural to continue with a concrete case and to build the road for the launch of the brand in Italy.

    A complex project, where it was necessary to take into account the specificities of the market, to be inspired, to be Italian and to remain faithful to the brand. Another successful performance, Kerstin built the entire marketing approach, managed the market studies and collection of information, the "go to market", the business case in close cooperation with the top management of Speedy France & Bridgestone Italy.

    In these two complex projects, we found a great listening, the will to appropriate the values of the company to build a solid business. A major contribution, a work of great rigor which found an excellent echo.”

  • Ellis Sterrenburg

    Co-founder of SCENTS – Benelux distributor of home fragrances Yankee Candle, WoodWick, Millefiori Milano

    "While building my wholesale company SCENTS, Kerstin became the new EMEA sales director at Newell Brands. 

    Kerstin has helped me tremendously in our growth. She is someone who thinks along with you to achieve common goals. Kerstin is also a real relationship builder and brings people together for a higher purpose.

    Are you looking for a specialist with a lot of experience and valuable know-how, who is honest and communicates clearly: I advise you to contact Kerstin.”

  • Gabriele Nazli

    Global Brand Director at Parker & Rotring
    Writing Instruments.

    "In her role as Global Brand Manager, Kerstin Leibold was responsible for the portfolio strategy, product development, profitability and execution of Parker’s key product line. Kerstin has shown extraordinary skills in strategic thinking, market analysis by building in-depth knowledge of consumer and customer needs, and conveying into the development and Go-To-Market strategy.

    Her performance has been remarkable – our revenues and profitability have increased, and our brand image has seen major improvement.

    Kerstin is very talented, passionate and always willing to learn and possesses excellent communication skills. She was building a deep cross-cultural relationship management and everyone enjoyed working with her.

    She had my full trust throughout our collaboration and felt happy working with Kerstin as her loyalty and commitment were incredible."

  • Thomas Bidoire

    Administrative and Financial Director at Speedy France – French leading network for multi-brand car diagnostics and maintenance (Bridgestone group)

    "Speedy worked with Kerstin as a consultant in 2020 & 2021 on our international strategy for business development. 

    She helped us to identify our business model and needs for international expansion, to define what is our DNA so we could launch our brand in new territories, to understand the competitors in those new territories, to assess risks and opportunities and formalize what we should have or modify today in our organization to make this project a success!   

    After few months of working on the project, we obtained the greenlight from our shareholders!  

    Many thanks Kerstin for this success."

  • Carolina Sollano Saez

    Sales Manager for EMEA Distributors at Newell Brands - Home Fragrance Division

    "Kerstin was not just my manager but also an international market expert I truly admired!

    I joined Kerstin's EMEA home fragrance sales team when WoodWick Candles was acquired by Newell Brands. I thoroughly enjoyed working for Kerstin with her open and optimistic mindset and took many learnings from her approach to optimising distributor networks and strategy development to integrate the newly acquired WoodWick brand.

    Kerstin is highly experienced in managing multi-cultural relationships and teams, leading to action plans that have successfully turned sales around. What makes Kerstin unique is her market expertise coupled with her ability to understand the complexities and subtleties of international business expansion, while putting the brand and the consumer always at the forefront.

    I highly recommend Kerstin. She will add great value to your business!"

  • Laurence Verdickt

    French Marketing & Sales Director at Perfetti Van Melle (Italian-Dutch confectionery and chewing gum manufacturer, brands Mentos, Frisk, Chupa Chups, etc.)

    "I met Kerstin Leibold when she was the European Export Manager for Frisk, a subsidiary of the group.

    Kerstin managed and developed the activities and sales of the FRISK brand in various countries, including France. Within this role, she demonstrated remarkable listening skills and a clear ability to understand the local French market in order to assess its potential.

    She demonstrated great finesse and precision in her diagnosis and recommendations, finding the right balance between international brand management and the necessary local adaptations.

    In addition to her marketing, international management and business development skills, Kerstin Leibold is a very reliable, pragmatic and trustworthy individual. I enjoyed our cooperation very much.

    I would definitely recommend her services for all international business challenges requiring practical and strategic skills."

  • Didier Finn

    Founder of Hoopzï - Decorative lighting solutions brand

    "Thanks to Kerstin, we now possess a comprehensive understanding of the German market.

    Hoopzï, our innovative lighting concept, had great potential in Germany.

    As a European B2C specialist consultant, Kerstin guided us through every step to enter the market: market research, strategic plan, website optimisation, meetings with key accounts and approval of a Country Manager.

    Results: today, we have one active key account, internet partners and a successful B2C website.

    We highly recommend working with Kerstin to benefit from her transparency, active listening, quick understanding of issues and her communication skills."