Identification of trends, business potential and strategic axes


Gain clarity of your
key existing or target markets
to enhance performance.


Depending on your company’s specific needs, we provide a tailored diagnosis, offering strategic and ambitious conclusions and recommendations.

  • Assessment of the current market situation, trends and potential
  • Identification of your markets’ unique cultural traits 
  • Determination of your business opportunities and threats
  • Examination of your distribution channels and competitors
  • Analysis of your customers, suppliers and local partners, like master franchisees and agencies

In relation to market potential, we examine your expansion strategy, offer, internal organisation and resources.


You will gain clarity and competence of your international markets and be able to:

  • Understand your customers’ needs and expectations
  • Define a strategic vision adapted to your markets
  • Accelerate your business growth
  • Create successful innovation
  • Improve communication with your international contacts
  • Optimise your structures and resources


    • Targeted and multifunctional expertise in English, French, German or Italian
    • Expert external point of view to gain a broader perspective
    • Methods and best practices from other B2C and B2B2C sectors


Dependant on project complexity.

  • Type: part-time/full-time
  • Duration: usually several weeks